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1Zpresso JX Pro Grinder Review: Totally Crushing It

jx pro grinder
1zpresso grinder

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Maybe you’ve heard of 1Zpresso and have been curious about their manual coffee grinders. Or, perhaps you have no idea what we’re talking about.

No biggie. 

If you’re in the market for a manual coffee grinder, this review will help you decide if a 1Zpresso grinder and, more specifically, if the JX Pro grinder is right for you.

So let’s get grinding.

About 1Zpresso

Who is 1Zpresso? 

It wasn’t long ago that we were asking that very same question. The company name is a bit odd, yes, but these guys know a thing or two about coffee grinding.

1Zpresso is a Taiwanese company founded by a group of coffee-loving engineers. They haven’t been around nearly as long as some of the more prominent players in the coffee-grinding scene, but they have already made quite the name for themselves.

1Zpresso makes manual burr coffee grinders and only manual burr coffee grinders. Focusing on just one thing means they do that one thing really, really well.

Don’t let the grammatical errors in the marketing material fool you. A 1Zpresso grinder is a well-made, high-quality tool that you’ll want in your coffee arsenal.

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1Zpresso Grinder Models

There are three series of 1Zpresso grinder models available:

  • The J Series
  • The Q Series
  • The K Series

Each 1Zpresso grinder is manual but offers unique benefits depending on your brewing needs. 

The Q series is the smallest of the pack, making it an excellent choice for those who travel frequently and plan to pack their 1Zpresso grinder for the ride.

All 1Zpresso grinder models have either stainless steel burrs or titanium-coated burrs. While some may prefer ceramic burrs for longevity, stainless steel is better for travel-friendly manual grinders, as ceramic is prone to cracking.  

All 1Zpresso models are incredibly well-built, easy to use, and clean. But which model is right for you?

We recommend the JX Pro grinder hands down, and here’s why:

jx pro grinder, 1zpresso grinder

The JX Pro Grinder

We use the JX Pro grinder the most frequently of the coffee grinders in our collection. Why is that? Because it’s simply a joy to grind with.

In fact, we think the JX Pro is one of the best grinders on the market and possibly the best value in coffee grinding today.

Here’s what we like:

  • Solid construction, feels sturdy in hand
  • Extremely fast (average 1 second per gram)
  • 40 click settings allow you to fine-tune your grind
  • Works well for most brewing methods, even espresso
  • Exceptional value

What we don’t love:

  • The grinder is heavy for its size
  • The effort required to grind may be too much for some
  • Small hopper capacity requires multiple rounds of grinding for larger brews
1zpresso jx pro grinder disassembled, 1zpresso jx pro grinder settings


Okay, our first positive and negative points are a bit of a love/hate situation. We love how incredibly solid the JX Pro grinder feels in hand. It is a high-quality piece of machinery.

However, the downside is that it is a bit heavy for how small it is at 1.7 lbs. Is this a deal-breaker? No. But its younger sibling, the 1Zpresso JX, is a bit lighter by comparison (1.5 lbs).

The capacity maxes out at 30-35 grams, comparable to most of the best manual coffee grinders on the market. 

You’ll need to run a few batches if you’re brewing for a crowd, but this isn’t an issue with the JX Pro. It’s easy to use and super fast, so you’ll be done grinding in a flash.

1zpresso jx pro grinder in box, jx pro grinder, 1zpresso grinder

Ease Of Use

A bit of physical effort is required to use the JX Pro grinder. However, this is true for most of the 1Zpresso grinder models and most manual grinders in general.

This may be particularly challenging for those who lack grip strength, have small hands, or have shoulder/upper arm weakness. However, most people will find the JX Pro grinder perfectly manageable.

(There is also a slight learning curve when adjusting the 1Zpresso JX Pro grind settings the first few times. But we’re confident you’ll get the hang of it after a couple of uses.)

So while you’ll get a mini arm and shoulder workout while grinding, you won’t be doing it long enough to notice. The 1Zpresso JX Pro is FAST.

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Trust us. You will be blown away by the speed of the JX Pro grinder the first time you use it. If you’ve used a manual coffee grinder before (like the original Hario Skerton), you know that manual grinding can be a bit of a chore.

No more. The JX Pro crushes beans at a speed of about 1 second per gram in our tests, meaning you can fill the hopper to total capacity (30-35 grams) and finish grinding in 30 seconds or less.

That’s faster than some electric grinders, FYI. (gasp!)

Are there faster manual grinders on the market? Maybe. The JX Pro’s younger sibling, the 1Zpresso JX, is ever-so-slightly quicker than the JX Pro grinder but not enough to be noticed by the average user (aka, us).

So the speed is comparable overall if you’re deciding between the 1Zpresso JX vs. JX Pro.

fellow opus grinder
The Fellow Opus Grinder

1Zpresso JX vs. JX Pro

So what makes the JX Pro grinder better than the JX (or any other 1Zpresso grinder)?

The JX Pro offers finer grind adjustments than the JX. The JX adjusts at 25 microns per click with 30-click settings versus the JX Pro at 12.5 microns per click and 40-click settings.

The JX Pro grinder works well for espresso, allowing you to fine-tune the settings further than other models. The 1Zpresso JX Pro grind settings make it more versatile than the JX, making it an all-around fantastic coffee grinder.

Some say the 1Zpresso JX suits all brewing methods, but this isn’t the case. The JX isn’t built for espresso grinding and cannot be adjusted fine enough to get the right grind size for espresso.

The JX grind settings can’t compete with the 1Zpresso JX Pro grind settings.

coins in a glass with a plant, Jx pro espresso
1zpresso for espresso
1zpresso jx manual
Which manual coffee grinder


We feel you if you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on various grinders for all your brewing needs.

One-grinder households require a versatile grinder that crushes everyday grinding for both manual brewing and espresso, and the JX Pro grinder is the grinder for the job.

The 1Zpresso JX Pro is a solid piece of machinery that outperforms electric grinders at the same price point (yes, even the Baratza Encore), making it an exceptional value.

Are Burr Grinders Really Better?

In a word, yes. We know how tempting it is to buy a cheap blade grinder and call it a day, but please don’t do that. Here’s why:

First, blade grinders are inappropriately named. They don’t actually grind anything. Blade grinders use a blade (duh) to chop up the beans, resulting in inconsistent grind size.

Getting the grind size right is essential, or you’ll end up with either an under or over-extracted brew (or a combo, gross). 

Second, blade grinders generate heat as they chop, which causes the beans to release precious aromatics and impart a burned flavor onto them. 

So, do us a favor and spend a few more bucks to get a quality burr grinder like the 1Zpresso JX Pro grinder and avoid the blade grinders altogether.

But how do you know which burr grinder is best for you?

1zpresso jx pro manual coffee grinder

How To Choose A Good Coffee Grinder

There is a lot to consider when choosing a burr grinder: the amount of coffee you’re brewing daily, the brewing method, storage space availability, portability, and noise level (to name a few).

So let’s unpack these a bit. 

The first thing you should consider is how much coffee you usually make. A manual grinder, and any 1Zpresso grinder, will generally have a smaller bean capacity than an electric grinder, so keep that in mind.

Second, consider which brewing method you use most frequently. If you like experimenting with several different brewing methods, you’ll want to choose a grinder offering a wide range of grind settings.

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Lucky for us, the 1ZPresso JX Pro grind settings make it well-suited for all brewing methods, and we use it for everything from pour over to espresso.

Kitchen storage space is at a premium in most homes, so think about where you’ll store your new grinder and whether you’re cool with it living on your kitchen counter.

The 1Zpresso JX Pro grinder, or any 1Zpresso grinder, definitely makes the cut here: the JX Pro grinder is as sleek and stylish as it is powerful.

Do you often travel or love to camp? If you don’t want to go without your brew while on the road, you may want to consider a 1Zpresso grinder for easy portability.

If you are grinding beans while others in the home are sleeping, consider the noise level of your future coffee grinder. 

Even the quietest coffee grinder still makes a bit of noise, but the JX Pro grinder is one of the quietest manual coffee grinders we’ve used and significantly quieter than any electric grinder.

vintage manual coffee grinder mounted to wood table, which manual coffee grinder

Electric Coffee Grinder vs. Manual

Deciding between a manual grinder and an electric grinder is essential in choosing the right grinder for your needs. Each has pros and cons, depending on your lifestyle and brewing needs.

A manual coffee grinder can produce a consistent grind that rivals the best electric grinders if you’re willing to do the work.

The benefits of a manual coffee grinder are that they’re significantly less expensive than electric grinders are portable, and can easily be packed on camping trips and vacations. Not only are they small in size, but they don’t require any electricity to operate. 

The downside of a manual grinder, and any 1Zpresso grinder, is that its capacity tends to be less than that of an electric grinder, and, obviously, you have to do the grinding yourself

Electric coffee grinders do the work for you but at a price. The higher price tag is essentially buying convenience, speed, and capacity

An electric coffee grinder will give you a consistent grind with minimal effort, but we prefer a manual coffee grinder (in fact, we use the JX Pro grinder daily) for everyday use.

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Coffee Grinder Vs. Ground Coffee

Grinding your beans yourself is crucial to brewing a better cup of coffee. There are several reasons to avoid pre-ground coffee

First, pre-ground coffee limits which brewing methods you can use, as the grind size is preset when buying the coffee. Pre-ground coffee might get you a batch of drip coffee or pour over, but it won’t work for your French press, cold brew, or espresso.

Besides, pre-ground coffee will never taste as good as freshly ground coffee. Never. This is because coffee beans begin to oxidize immediately after roasting (yikes), and the more exposure they have to the air, the faster they expire.

When coffee is ground, more oils and aromas are released from the beans, and more beans are exposed to the air around them. Therefore that bag of ground coffee from your local market is already stale when you bring it home.

Gross. After reading this article, even if you don’t use the JX Pro grinder, grinding your beans with any grinder will result in a better brew than your pre-ground stuff.

But we’re guessing that if you made it to the end of this review, chances are you’re seriously considering purchasing the 1Zpresso JX Pro. And we think you should go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between 1Zpresso JX and JX Pro?

The 1Zpresso JX and JX Pro are both manual coffee grinders, but the JX Pro is an upgraded version of the JX model. Some of the differences between the two models include:

  • The JX Pro and JX have the same burrs, but the JX Pro is capable of grinding for espresso with finer adjustments at 12.5 microns per click, allowing for increased consistency at a finer setting.
  • The JX has a smaller capacity at 650 grams (vs. 780 on the JX Pro) and does not come with the foldable handle option.

How does the 1Zpresso JX Pro compare to the J-Max and K-Pro?

  • The J-Max has a coated burr set and a finer adjustment range than the JX Pro. While the JX Pro is a jack of many trades, the J-Max is designed for espresso, with the finest adjustment capabilities of all the 1Zpresso grinders, at 8.8 microns per click. It also features a magnetic catch cup versus the threaded design of the JX Pro.
  • The K-Pro is better suited for coarse grinds and cannot achieve as fine a grind as the JX Pro. With 22 microns per click, compared to the JX Pro’s 12.5, dialing in a very fine grind is not easy with the K-Pro. The K-Pro excels in most brewing styles and features specific k burrs.

What are the espresso settings for the 1Zpresso JX Pro?

The 1Zpresso JX Pro has a wide range of espresso settings and provides recommended settings for every brew type. For espresso, however, we have found that 1Zpresso’s recommendations are often too fine and will choke many espresso machines. Depending on the bean, of course, we typically land somewhere between 1-7-4 and 1-8-1. We recommend starting at 1-8-0 and adjusting from there.

Is the 1Zpresso JX Pro worth the investment?

The 1Zpresso JX Pro is a high-quality, professional-grade coffee grinder that is perfect for any coffee lover. While it may be a bit more expensive than some other manual coffee grinders on the market, its versatility, durability, and consistency make it well worth the investment.


Heather Calatrello

Heather Calatrello owner of ShedLight Coffee Roasters